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Dentistry and Your Pet

Good dental care for pets is so much more than just cleaning your pet's teeth or taking care of bad breath.  Dental disease can be the cause of more than just an uncomfortable mouth for your pet.  In addition, this disease can cause inflammation and trap bacteria that can lead to heart, kidney and breathing problems.  Having your pet's teeth professionally scaled and polished is the best way to ensure the health of your pet's mouth.  After your pet's teeth are cleaned, talk to our staff about tips and tricks to keep your pet's mouth clean in between dental cleanings.

We've Gone Digital!!!

We made the plunge this spring and invested in a new state of the art Digital Dental X-ray machine and new Portable Dental Station.  1

 We now have the ability to see below your pet's gum line and help identify problems earlier.  In one study, 28% of dogs and 42% of cats were found to have problems when nothing abnormal had been found on an oral exam.  And in pets where abnormalities were found on oral exam, 50% of dogs and 54% of cats had additional problems found on x-rays.


Call today to set up an appointment for a free dental check.  Let's work together to keep your pet happy and healthy throughout the year!  (262) 728-3303

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